The reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates as one of his original pieces of studio equipment. The maplewood frame holds a moving carriage which travels against varying spring resistance to add challenge to your Pilates practice. The popular and versatile reformer offers a full body workout at all levels with a huge exercise repertoire. This safe and effective training tool will build strength and flexibility whilst improving posture and alignment.


Beginner; to learn basic exercises and good technique

Improver; to expand on basic practice and increase challenge

Intermediate; for clients with good basic knowledge of technique wishing to develop all aspects of their Pilates practice

Advanced; for fit clients with a minimum of 50 hours reformer experience

Pricing; £30 per person per class payable in advance. maximum 4 people per class

Mondays Nicola 9am + 10:30am improver/intermediate level. Jenn 7:15pm beginner 8:15pm intermediate

Tuesdays Nicola 9am intermediate. Mariana 4:30pm + 6pm improver/intermediate

Wednesdays Jenn 7:30pm intermediate 8:30pm beginner

Thursdays Mariana 6pm + 7:15pm improver/intermediate

Fridays Nicola 9:15am Jason 5:30pm + 6:45pm

Saturdays Jason 11:30am + 12:45pm

Sundays Jenn 8:30am improver/intermediate, 12:30pm intermediate, 1:45pm + 3pm novice/beginner

One week each month, Rhona teaches reformer sessions catering for all levels. Email Rhona to be added to the mailing list stating which level you are looking for and you'll receive information on these classes.